Session Sixteen


MAY 19-20, 3049

Store Room A
There are various old metal storage crates in this room. Most have been opened and turned over with their packing material exposed or laying on the floor. Searching through the crates the Team will find that one of the crates has a long heavy duty capacity computer cable in it. There are also some various circuit boards and electronic repair parts in another storage crate in the corner. The electronic repair parts are mostly unusable. There is also a metal barrel that is leaking some black-green substance from the bottom. The barrel is rusted and the lettering on it is unreadable. If investigated the black-green substance is sticky like tar and smells faintly of bearing grease.

Main Hallway
bunkerblastdoors.jpgEntering this room it is apparent that it is some kind of hallway. It is very quiet and loud noises and even footsteps echo some. It does not appear that anyone has been here in quite some time. The hallway is four meters wide with metal walls made out of some sort of stainless steel or similar metal. Overhead along the ceiling of this hallway are rows of lamp fixtures intermixed with various pipes alongside electrical conduits, electrical boxes and power junctions. In the hallway are many metal transport crates that are stacked along the corridor walls is disarray. On top of one of the nearby metal boxes is an old coffee mug resting as if someone just left it there and walked off. There is a thick layer of dust on every surface here. An old rusted forklift is seen nearby. It appears some of these crates have been dragged on the metal floor leaving scrapes in the floor. There is evidence that water as seeped into this area in the recent past.

Starleaguelogo.jpgInvestigating the crates closer and dusting them off, it is discovered that they have printed on them in faded black stencil paint ‘SLDF’. Opening the crates is difficult as they are very rusty, using some tools such as a crowbar is helpful giving the Build die roll check a -2 bonus. Inside them are mundane items such as old mostly uniforms, boots, decayed corroded power cells and ration packs.
The date stamped on the ration pacts is 2784.

Store Room B
abandonedmunitions.jpg This room has a locked doorway that will need to be forced open. There is a sign on the door that states ‘No Smoking’ in several languages. Opening the door there is the faint smell of fuel. Inside of this storage room there are various old metal storage crates stacked similar to the ones in the main hallway. Upon entering the room and looking around it is clearly seen that this room is floor to ceiling with missiles in wheeled racks along with autocannon ammo inside the many dust covered sealed metal crates. Investigating the crates it is found that some of the missiles have started to leak fuel but the ammunition contained in the crates is old but possibly usable.

giantvaltdoor.jpgThe heavy security door to this room is marked ‘Armory – Authorized Personnel Only’. Heinkel Wolfe jokingly remarks upon seeing this “Hey that is us!” The armory door is locked and the door does not want to budge. The hinges are rusty and old and make opening the door difficult taking several of the team members with crowbars to open the door. The old metal hinges grind and creak when forces open. Inside the armory it is apparent that it has been long cleaned out of all equipment and weapons, leaving nothing but empty rows of gun and rifle racks standing.

Commons Area
There are several tables in the center of this room with chairs around them. Along the far wall are several large couches. An old chess board sits on one of the tables with pieces still on it covered in dust. There are pots with soil in them and the decayed dried remains of some plants in them. The Commons Area has nothing of value in it

galley.jpgThe kitchen is a standard large kitchen for cooking meals for the base personnel. It has several large burners, a chopping table, food line and storage freezer that is cleared out. There are a few old pots, pans and cooking utensils in the drawers and hanging overhead. The Galley has no useful supplies and nothing of value in it.

Personnel Quarters A,
Bunks and quarters for the base personnel with a communal shower and toilet area adjoining. The Personnel Quarters has nothing of real value in them.

Personnel Quarters B,
Bunks and quarters for the base personnel with a communal shower and toilet area adjoining. The Personnel Quarters has nothing of real value in them.

BattleMech Bay Level 1
vaultinterior.jpgThe huge doors are marked “Authorized Personnel Only” and “Danger.” The doors are closed and cannot be opened without power.
Inside is a dust covered but completely intact CP-11-A Cyclops Battlemech. Without power for the repair lifts around the battlemech it will require a successful Climbing skill roll to gain access to the cockpit.
Once up top on the battlemech a successful Perception skill roll will reveal that the huge battlemech that has been left behind in the room is in fact booby-trapped. From observation it appears that the explosive charges on the battlemech were rigged to go off from a remote detonator but somehow failed. The complex wireless circuitry of the detonator that goes to the leads of the antennae receiver has melted. It will take a successful Demolitions skill roll to carefully disarm the explosives.
The Cyclops is not in fully functional order and will require at least an hour and three Technician/Battlemech skill rolls to become operational and 30 minutes of time once brought online to reprogram the neurohelmet of the large battlemech to a new pilot.

3025_Cyclops1.jpg.pngPC NOTES: The Cyclops began production in 2710 by Stormvanger Assemblies, Unlimited as a heavy assault BattleMech and headquarters unit for Star League Defense Force field commanders. A decent mix of weapons provided the Cyclops with both long- and short-range firepower and a sizable engine to keep up with mobile operations. The most important feature of the ’Mech though was its advanced electronics, especially the Tacticon B-2000 battle computer, which allows the pilot to effectively command up to brigade-sized units. Other aspects of the ’Mech are less than stellar however. The diverse array of weapons means the ’Mech does suffer somewhat from ammunition issues while meager armoring provides less protection than that found on similar machines, though it is enough to stave off attackers until reinforcements arrive. In particular the armoring on the head section, while as heavily protected as allowed by the internal structure, leaves the pilot and the sophisticated command and control equipment more vulnerable than usual. When operating as the command vehicle at regimental and higher echelons with an ample support apparatus and guarded by a headquarters lance, these deficiencies are far less noticeable and the Cyclops could be kept in reserve until employed to turn the tide of battle or exploit a weakness. BV = 1,547

Repair Shop Level 1
mechrepair.jpgThe repair shop adjoins the Mech bay though two large double doors and also connects to Storage Room B. Inside the repair shop there are various basic battlemech and vehicle repair tools in this room that are in usable shape Some of the tools and equipment are laying about on work benches as as many spare parts. Along the walls are more tools and diagnostic equipment stored in cabinets and shelves. Looking through the storage lockers the team finds a Deluxe Tool Kit worth 500 C-Bills and Battlemech Repair Kit worth 5,000 C-Bills.

Central Junction
bunkerjunction.jpgThe Central Junction leads to the lower level – Level 2. There a large elevator shaft with an elevator car three meters in diameter. There is no power so the elevator will not operate until power is restored. (See Power Generator Room) There is connected to the elevator shaft a metal spiral lattice stairwell running around it that leads down to the second level of the underground base.

Main Hallway
corridorlevel2.jpgThe Second Level of the base also has a hallway leading east and west from the central shaft. This lower hallway is in a much better state of repair than the upper levels, having been protected better from the elements. There is also no scrape marks on the floor that can be seen. The Power Generator, and Machine Room are on the east hallway and the Medical Bay, Conference room and Command Center is on the west hallway. Like the upper level hallway, many pipes and power conduits run along the ceiling.

Power Generator Room
bunkercontrolroom.jpgThe base fusion reactor has been powered off. Upon inspection it is unknown what condition the reactor is in or if it will work. There is an auxiliary battery system that still shows to have power stored in it. The team discovers the auxiliary system with a successful Perception skill roll. It is revealed that there is a lone red light on a panel in one of the corner control panels. The dust on it makes it very faint and hard to see from a distance.
reactor.jpgTo repair the battery system successfully will require a Technician/Electronics skill roll and some parts from the Store Room on Level One. Restoring power will allow overhead lights to come on all over the base and well as the base central elevator to operate as well as open the outer doors on level one. When activated the system makes a series of clicking sounds as power is restored to the base. The battery systems make a low humming sound when examined closely. Searching the room the team finds on one of the shelfs on the wall that there is an Electronic Repair Kit worth 2,000 C-Bills.

Machine Room
abandonedheavymachinery.jpgVarious large pieces of heavy machinery sit on the floor of this large room. The machinery is rusted, corroded and in a poor state making it useless. Environmental Controls are located in this room. On a shelf on the wall is a Mechanic Repair Kit worth 1,000 C-Bills

Medical Bay
medical1.jpgThe medical bay has several beds for the rest and recuperation or patients, a small dispensary, several cabinets and shelves adjacent though a doorway to the east is an operating suite with operating table. The pharmaceutical dispensary is emptied but the medical supply case has a sealed MedKit still mounted on the wall. The shelves have some empty glass beakers and containers. There is nothing here of value except the old MedKit still mounted on the wall worth 10 C-Bills.

Conference Room
controlroom2.jpgA large rectangular table dominates this room covered by a thin layer of white dust. Around the table and along the left and right side walls are chairs. There is a large display screen on the far end of the room flanked by two old flags. A few pages of paper are on the table at the end. When a player attempts to pick up some of the papers to examine them or move any of the papers they crumble into dust. There is nothing readable on them.

Command Center
controlroom3.jpgThis is the central command room of the base. There are several old chairs and workstations in this room. The grey-white dust that covers the long silent terminals and display screens along with the silence of the room make this room seem somewhat eerie. There are no lights anywhere.

holobunkermap.jpgOnce power is restored some of the base systems will start to work at a low power setting. Some of the lights will come on in some of the areas. Using the base command stations and some Computer skills rolls will enable the team to gain access to some of the root systems. One of the work stations is for the base sensors and defenses. Though they cannot get the base remote weapon systems to operate, they will find a command to enable the base remote sensors to come online and operate.

computerdisplay2.jpgOnce completed a Sensors Operation die roll will bring some of sensors online and the sensors will begin operating and sending back sensor information of areas in a perimeter about one kilometer outside of the base. Not all of them will come online though leaving some gaps in the sensor network.
Inside the Command Center there is an endosteel reinforced door at the far west side of the room. It is unusual to see endosteel used for such things as the super strong material is expensive and heavy. This also makes the door very strong and secure. This door leads to the Computer Core. It is closed and sealed. A Demolitions skill roll will reveals that explosives will probably not open the door. Brute strength might.

Computer Data Core
data_core.pngThe Computer Core is only accessible through a reinforced endosteel door from the Command Center. Inside is a terminal for access to the mainframe computer which is stored behind this chamber. The base mainframe has an incredible amount of data stored in it. The mainframe cannot be moved as it is too large and heavy.
The base has an intact Star League era computer Data Core. The data core is packed with technical and scientific information along with engineering schematics. To gain access to the computer a successful Computer and Cryptography skill roll must be made. In addition after gaining access to the mainframe computer another successful Computer die roll will reveal that the massive amount of data and the complexity of the storage algorithms makes it impossible to download the information into a small device such as a noteputer. It will require a large computer capable of handling the database.

kroener4.pngTalis Kroener arrives with some of his thugs to stop the Schattenjagers.
“I wont let your ‘Operation Flush’ get in the way of my plans or fall victim to it!" He then orders one of his men forward who tosses the severed head of Von Goertz towards the position of the team.




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