Session Eighteen


MAY 24-30 , 3049

dradis.jpgThe team jumps to the Theta Omicron system. It isn’t in most navigation charts and is a treacherous anchorage. It is an uninhabited system filled with gas giants and asteroids. This system gives up the advantage in that no one jumps there. It is out of the way from the normal shipping lanes.

The XO Lt. Mitch Herschel goes over to the DRADIS terminal to look at the screen and speaks to the navigator. “You said there wouldn’t be anyone here.”
the navigator replies in a somewhat surprised voice. “There shouldn’t be anyone here.”
The XO looks over at the Captain who exchanges looks with his XO. “See you if you can identify that ship. This might simply be a trap for merchant ships that are just passing through, then again they may not be.”


Captain Niles Harkon speaks: “You are not naval personal but the articles of war allow me to succumb you into service. I would prefer to ask for your assistance though.”

On the side of the darkened warship can be made out the words INVINCIBLE in black letters.
Aegis.gifThe ship is dark, there are no lights and no power detectable from the ship and no one responds to any attempts at communication. There is no signal from the automatic transponder or proximity sensors.
The armored hull is pock market with dents from impacts from micro meteors. How it got here is unknown. The crew is all dead and the jumpdrive is trashed. The batteries are all depleted and dead. The jump batteries are also useless. The maneuvering jets and fusion reactor might be salvageable with time. The log entries of the dropship are damaged and after several hours of going through them do not reveal anything beyond the route and show nothing of note or interest. However the last log entry is from the year 2853


PC NOTES: The Invincible was successful in breaking the DCMS blockade and ended the battles that became known as the sixth, seventh, and eighth battle of Hesperus II. However, following the battle the Invincible famously disappeared in a misjump halfway back to Tharkad and was thought lost to jump drive failure.


Aegis Class Production information
Manufacturer Di Tron Heavy Industries
Production Year 2372
Use Heavy Cruiser
Cost 14,980,141,000 C-bills

Technical specifications
Mass 745,000 tons
Length 725 m
Sail Diameter 1.308 m
Fuel 1,000 tons
Top Thrust 1.5 g
KF Drive Type K-F Mark X
LF Battery Technicron Manufacturing
Armament 18 x NAC/35s
8 x White Shark tubes
24 x NAC/20s
12 x NL55
4 x Barracuda tubes
4 x NL45s
Armor 597.5 tons of Grumman K5 Ferro-Carbide
DropShip Capacity 4
Small Craft/
AeroSpace Fighters 10/18
Crew 768
Grav Decks 2, both 90 meter diameter
Escape Pods/Life Boats 0/20




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