Lt. Wilhelm von Schulemburg

Young Noble Officer and Shadowhawk Pilot


stnr3a.gifLeutnant Wilhelm ‘Wil’ Ritter von Schulemburg

Age: 23 (born 3023)
Homeworld: Coventry, Protectorate of Donegal
Graduated from the Nagelring Academy on Tharkad in 3046
shadowhawk.pngBattlemech: Shadowhawk SHD-2K
Lt. von Schulemburg pilots the venerable Shadowhawk medium battlemech “Panzerfaust”. The old battlemech has been through much with patched up armor plates, leaking hydraulics and periodic tracking issues with the targeting system for the Armstrong J-11 Autocannon. Painted in a dull gray camouflage pattern this Shadowhawk is the first battlemech Wilhelm was assigned to pilot full time after his graduation from the Nagelring Academy. He is looking to hone his skills in the old battlemech so that he may show to his superiors that he is worthy of a larger and more powerful battlemech.
Call sign: Ritter

Build: 3
Reflexes: 4
Intuition: 6
Learn: 6
Social: 5

Athletic: 11
Physical: 8
Mental: 6
Social: 7

Administration: 5
Blade: 7
Bureaucracy: 5
Computer: 5
CS: Lyran Officer: 5
Gunnery/Mech: 4
Leadership: 4
MedTech: 5
Negotiation: 6
Interrogation: 6
Pilot/Mech: 6
Perception: 6
Protocol: 6
Riding, Horse: 10
Small Arms: 6
SI: Military History: 5
Strategy: 4
Tactics: 3

Title – Knight of the Commonwealth

Basic Field Communicator
Ablative/Flak Vest
Ablative/Flak Vest Patches X2
Rangefinder Binoculars
Sternschnacht Pistol
Pistol Ammo X5


vonpilot.jpgBorn in 3024 on the planet of Coventry in the Protectorate of Donegal, Wilhelm is the second of three children and the youngest son of an old minor junker family serving the Dukes of Coventry. His mother died during the birth of his younger sister Hannah in 3027. Growing up as a child, a life in the military forces of the Lyran Commonwealth was never what Wilhelm had wanted. As the second child of three and the younger of the two brothers, Wilhelm grew up in the shadow of his older brother Friedrich. He did not go into the military or some sort of public service as his father wanted instead wasting time. This caused much friction between him and his father. As a member of the lower nobility Wilhelm grew up learning the nuances, protocols and ways of privilege in Lyran society. This gives Wilhelm an understanding of how to maneuver through the myriad bureaucracy and intrigues of the LCAF.

Wilhelm originally entered Tharkad University in 3041 only to get away for some time from his father, but transferred to the Nagelring Academy in 3042 after the death of his older brother Friedrich in a surprise raid by Draconis Combine forces on the border planet Liezen. The death of his older brother had a profound inpact on Wilhelm and caused Wilhelm to reassess his goals and directions in life.

3025shawk2.jpgLooking to channel his anger and sense of loss Wilhelm applied for entry into the Nagelring Academy and after being rejected by the academy the first time, he was later admitted to the academy for some unknown reason and left Tharkad University. At the academy Wilhelm found much of the physical requirements difficult and spent much time trying to catch up with his classmates. However at the academy Wilhelm did show aptitude for planning and strategic thinking which makes up for his average skills as a mech pilot.

After graduation from the Nagelring Academy Wilhelm had hoped to be stationed in the border with the Draconis Combine somewhere in the Tamar Pact but instead much to his surprise his first assignment was to the Bolan Province on the planet Cavenaugh II along the Lyran border with the Free World’s League. Though it was not what he wanted Wilhelm accepted the post out of a sense of duty.

Wilhelm won his knighthood on his own following an attack by forces of the Free Worlds League. Though he made some friends on the front that he hated to leave he was also happy to get away from the front in hopes of seeing some action against the forces of the Draconis Combine. Recently he was transferred to the reconstituted Schattenjägers Regiment, assigned to the 3rd Lance of the 3rd Company and is keen to prove himself in combat.

Wilhelm believes in protecting the people of the Commonwealth. Personally Wilhelm doesn’t think much of mercenaries on the whole. He considers them a necessary part of protecting the Lyran Commonwealth. He doesn’t care for the general lack of honor they usually show, fighting only for money.

ltschulemarmor.jpgHis older brother was killed in a surprise raid that destroyed the entire battlemech company he was attached to. It is unknown by the LCAF what Draconis Combine unit conducted the raid on the planet that killed his brother. Wilhelm and his family were able to eventually find out from the sparse LCAF reports on the raid that the Draconis raiders were led by a Dragon class battlemech painted bright red with black legs. Though Wilhelm wants some sort of revenge, he knows he will probably never find the ones who killed his brother. Instead he has channeled his energies to doing his part to make sure others do not suffer as he has.

In April 3039 Lt. Schulemburg was transferred to the Nagelring Academy on Tharkad to attend the War College there, leaving the Schattenjagers for a time.


Lt. Wilhelm von Schulemburg