Session Fifteen


MAY 15-18, 3049
The Schattenjagers are dispatched to the planet Alcor III to investigate some illegal smuggling.

session15map.pngHauptman Stryker arrives and notifies the team that there is a mission for the Schattenjagers. “We have a situation that is developing on Alcor III. Please follow me and you will be briefed on your new assignment.” The Team is given a briefing for their next assignment. Only the PC players are present for the briefing. In the briefing a female officer named Major Meushke with LCAF Military Intelligence begins giving the Team their next assignment.

“Gentlemen, for the past few months we have been receiving reports and hearing rumors that a man named Talis Kroener has been selling some rather unique items on Alcor III. As a result he has become very wealthy very quickly from this. So much so that his business practices have come to the attention of Lyran Intelligence. Most recently, last month in fact, he sold some complete and fully functional MechWarrior Combat Suits to agents from the Capellan Confederation. Our sources indicate that the Capellan agents paid $40,000 for each. This also got our attention as that is extremely high for even this type of battlemech equipment.”
“From his dossier it is known that he was born on the planet Polsbo near the border with the Circinus Federation and the Free World’s League and had a few arrests in his youth for petty crimes. As he got older his criminal activities became more severe and frequent. For a time he was a gun for hire and dabbled a bit in being a mid-level distributor of an illegal and highly addictive drug called Grit.”

Grit comes in an inhalant and costs about 30 C-Bills per dose. It is very addictive and makes the user feel very euphoric and wild, feeling nothing but pleasure and not feeling anything else. The downside is it also makes the user very irritable and volatile when coming down from the drugs high.

“Talis Kroener then moved to the more populated planet of Phecda in the Isle of Skye. It is here that Intelligence believes that Kroener may have developed some smuggling connections and is suspected himself of being involved in the smuggling of illegal goods to and from the Free World’s League. He was investigated four years ago for this while he was living on Phecda though there was no hard evidence that the local authorities could pin on him directly. With the authorities closing in on his activities, Talis Kroener left Phecda suddenly. After this he fell off our radar for three years. What he did in that time we do not know. However, about three months ago he resurfaced again, this time on Alcor III.

“The Schattenjagers are to investigate this man. We like to keep tabs on persons that may be a threat to the security of the Commonwealth. Talis Kroener is known to currently reside in the settlement of Monserrat City on the southern continent of Alcor III. Your mission is to pose as some textile merchant traders from the planet Howick and potential smugglers and locate this Talis Kroener and look into his business and connections. We have disguised your dropship as being from the TransLyran Trade Corporation. "
“Once Talis Kroener is found try to get his trust and learn what you can about him from him, specifically is he just a middle man in a bigger operation? Where he is getting his goods from and what else he may have for sale. If you can try to also find out who he is selling them to as well. Don’t kill him unless you have too. If left alive he may lead us to some of the others he has been working with.”
“Your mission code name is ‘Minesweeper’.”

Hauptman Stryker notifies the team that Lawson, Klinger, Ringer and Schumacher will not be going on this mission and will be staying with him. He looks over and states that “Sergeant Major Clumley will be in charge of this mission.”

Major Meushke continues “Make sure to stay undercover as best and as long as you can and keep a low profile. This is a fairly well colonized planet and established planet with an effective local security force. Contact the local civilian or military officials on the planet only if absolutely necessary. Doing so may raise alarm with your target inadvertently. Since the mission is close to the borders with the Free World’s League the team is to take their battlemechs with them just in case. We have loaded your battlemechs into your dropship hidden in the cargo area. To keep any prying eyes out it will be necessary when you arrive on Alcor III to not have the local customs officials look into your dropship. This will require some forged cargo manifests and possibly some bribes to the customs officials. We know that some of them can be persuaded to look the other way when it come to their duties. In addition to your normal military ID, we have prepared some forged civilian IDs for you and planted some false information into some of the databases should anyone look into you. Make sure to keep your military IDs hidden safely just in case you are searched or something goes wrong.” She then hands the new ID cards to the Team members.

“Are there any questions gentlemen?”
“One last thing, to help out, we have detained someone that we have been keeping an eye on that we think might be able to assist you in this matter. He is in a holding cell here for the moment. “

alcor3.jpgPC NOTES: Alcor III – more commonly known simply as Alcor is the third planet in the Alcor system. Alcor III is in the Isle of Skye province of the Federation of Skye near the Free Wolds League. The Alcor system has a variable primary star, making the presence of a habitable world with an atmosphere in the system unusual. The Alcor system was settled during the First Exodus from Terra, subsequently joining the Federation of Skye, and then the Lyran Commonwealth when the Commonwealth formed.
Many mining companies landed on Alcor to exploit the easily-accessible mineral resources stored in the planet’s crust. Although these were productive enterprises, the little arable land on the world lacked specific trace elements that are required for human health. As a result, the Alcorans became reliant on trading ships that brought produce from other worlds. This constant need for trade made Alcor something of a trading hub despite its out-of-the-way location.
Alcor III is class H. Alcor is a spectral class A5V blue-white dwarf star. Average temperature at the equator is 35C (95F).

The team goes to the holding cell and discovers the person detained by Military Intelligence is their old friend Dingus O’Shea. He is chained with his hands behind his back to a simple metal chair in the middle of the sterile and brightly lit room. He is very obviously irritated and protesting profusely at being picked up and held in the cell against his will. He yells that he wants his cybernetic eye back and yells several boastful threats and expletives at the security personnel holding him. When the team enters he will squint some with his good eye and then recognize the Schattenjagers. “Oh no not YOU guys again!! Now what do you want, I thought we were even! You have no right to do this, I will get a lawyer and have you before the local magistrate for unlawfully arresting me with no evidence against my will! I wasn’t doing anything wrong I swear!” When asked about Talis Kroener the captive Dingus O’Shea will get white in the face and then his voice will drop some and he will quietly state emphatically that he has never heard of the man. He is lying. When pressed he gets very quiet and serious, perhaps the most serious the team has ever seen him. He looks truly scared. “I have never actually met him personally you understand, nor do I ever care to I tell you. All I know is what I have heard from others. From what I have heard that is the kind of man you don’t want to deal with, much less cross. He is very dangerous, a near psychopath I am told but I am also told he plays smart you know? I also know that he knows many smugglers and is able to move things that others sometimes can’t but mostly just works the border areas with the Free World’s League. And it you don’t pay he will whack you but also go after your friends and family, so I am told and that he always gets away with that. Not the kind of guy I deal with, honest. That’s all I know. Now can you please tell these security people to give me my eye back and let me go?”
If the Team doesn’t brutalize Dingus O’Shea and has the security guards let Dingus O’Shea go he will be somewhat grateful to the Team and will tell the team as they leave the holding cell one other bit of information. “One other thing I just thought of, I remember because it seemed an odd way of doing business to me. I has told once by an associate that Kroener only accepts gold or Lyran Bills as payment. He won’t take C-Bills or other house bills at all. I don’t know why, just struck me as odd when I heard that.”

Prior to leaving Tamar, LIC Agent Schumacher appears. The Team has not seen him since arriving back from their previous mission. He privately pulls a few of the Team aside and tells them that “for reasons that cannot be disclosed, I will not be joining you on this mission. There are some things here that still need to be sorted out.” Schumacher seems a little displeased and apprehensive by this fact. He tells the team in a more hushed voice that “if you do get into trouble there is a retired Lyran Intelligence operative who lives on the planet settlement where you are going. Though retired this person does still function as a part time informant on the planet for Lyran Intelligence. He may contact you at some point. The operative’s codename is Chimera“
“This operative has been informed that the Schattenjagers will be arriving and to be on the lookout for the team. If the operative contacts the team they will know by the code word which is ‘cheese and crackers’. The correct reply to identify yourself to the agent is “Only with some Antares red wine.”
Schumacher will also remind the team that discretion and keeping their cover will be very important on this mission. He points out that if Talis Kroener learns that the team members are looking for him that Talis Kroener may flee and disappear again and the mission will be a bust.
The team them takes off in their loaded dropship and docks once again with the jumpship Razor’s Edge which has been parked in orbit. After docking Captain Niles Harkon and his XO greet the team again. The XO Lt. Mitch Herschel briefs the team in the course they will take to get to Alcor III.
“We will be jumping to the Corridan system, then we will be using the poly lithium-ion batteries to recharge the K-F drive and jump again to the Glengarry system. As Glengarry is a type B star it should not take too long to recharge the jump system with the solar collector. From there we will jump directly to Alcor. The entire trip should take 3 or four days.”
The team settles in for the trip and the jumpship makes its first jump a few moments later.

spaceport.jpgThree days later – A flash of light a split second later the jumpship Razor’s Edge arrives at the Alcor system. There are many jumpships here in this busy system.
The team arrives at Alcor III and lands at the aerodrome for Monserrat City without any incident. A sign above a security gate to the landing field says ‘Welcome to Monserrat City”. A few local security guards holding rifles keep a slightly disinterested watch on people coming and going through the main gate. Up in the landing control tower three figures talking on radios stare up at the sky with binoculars. Everything seems normal and routine. The settlement is in the southern hemisphere where settlements are more sparse compared to the northern hemisphere. The settlement is small compared to many, having a population of about 20,000 but has everything one could want. At the far end of the spaceport are two large hangers. A Lyran flag flutters in the breeze. There are several military vehicles with heavy weapons and a few Manticore heavy tanks parked outside the main hanger doors which are closed. These are probably hangers for a detachment or even squadron of Aerospace fighters though with the hangar doors closed there is no way of knowing what is inside the hanger. Should the players inquire of the locals about the hanger they will be told that there are anywhere between 4 to 8 aerospace fighters inside the aerospace hanger at the end of the field. (Depending on whom they ask in passing) No one will know exactly what type of Aerospace fighters they are only saying they are big and make a lot of noise when the take off and land.

After landing four men in civilian clothes approach on foot with data pads. They have ID badges identifying themselves as being customs officials. The one in charge introduces himself as Walter Fricke, the port inspector. A successful Streetwise skill roll will reveal that he is open to bribery if the price is right but you will have to be delicate and not obvious about it. A successful Negotiation skill roll at +3 and Mister Fricke will state that he could get in trouble and it needs to be worth his time. He will then state that his time is worth $2000.00.
Mister Fricke decide to look the other way by examining the ship manifest then casually stating that “we have a busy day and this all looks in order to me”, and marking it off as ok without entering the ship. He and his team then get back in their vehicle and drive off towards the next ship.

Leaving the secured Aerodrome areas the players encounter a map of the city on a wall of the Spaceport Terminal provided for visitors to the city. The map has the four main sections of the city with ‘The Monserrat City Traders Association Welcomes You!’ in bold letters above the map and ‘Please Enjoy Your Stay with Us.’ Below the map. The map has several key areas of the Settlement noted on it including the Spaceport Terminal, Warehouse District, Trader’s District, Residential District, Financial District, and Comstar Facilities.

When walking about the settlement the team periodically passes teams of the settlement’s armed security and police forces. They have clubs on their belts, helmets, vests and riot gear on. The local security forces are usually seen in pairs walking about. The local citizens do not seem intimidated or scared of the security forces. Some can even be seen chatting with local residents in a friendly manner.

borger.jpgThe Schwartze Katze is off one of the side streets. If it wasn’t for the lit but faint blue neon sign that hangs over the nondescript door, one would not even know it was there. Outside sitting against the wall is a street bum in tattered clothing who looks to be passed out from drinking. There is an empty bottle next to him.
Entering the establishment the team is seated by a hostess. There are several dozen people here drinking talking and listening to the live music playing.
Heinkel Wolfe is surprised to encounter Cyrano Borger here. Heinkel Wolfe has not seen the man in years. He is accompanied by four rather large thuggish looking brutes. They have their hands on their concealed side arms. They do not seem to be making much effort to hide that they have their hands on the weapons. Cyrano Borger’s attitude seems to be a mix of pleased to have encountered Heinkel Wolfe while at the same time also being very upset with him. Borger is a shifty man with a scar on his left cheek and an earring.
Cyrano Borger demands that Wolfe give him a rematch at poker.
“Well if it isn’t my old friend Heinkel Wolfe. I am surprised you had the guts to come back here to this planet. I never thought in all the Inner Sphere I would run into you again. HA! This must be my lucky day! Now I’ll bet you were hoping that you didn’t run into me here huh friend?” Cyrano Borger then halls off and sucker punches Heinkel in the face. “You cheatin sunofabitch! You think you can cheat me and get away with it?? Yell yeah what we are gonna do right here and now. We’re gonna play a little game of cards again and this time friend… cheating or I will personally blow your brains clear out of your head friends or not! The stakes are $5,000 C-Bills. Winner takes all! That should more than cover with a little interest what you owe me scumbag!”

Street_Punks.jpgWhen the team leaves the bar, they will note that the drunk bum is now gone and the street is very quiet. Walking outside into the street the Schattenjagers are cornered by a group of street thugs that try to jump the team in the street and fight them. The street punks are poorly armed with pipes and knives, taunting the Team to fight them.
Ten of the local security forces with weapons and stun sticks drawn show up very quickly cutting off any avenue of escape and demand that both sides surrender by getting down on their knees on the pavement. It is noted that the security forces showed up very quickly and in force. While being handcuffed one of the security men shouts at Aebon Tesavir to quit resisting and the entire team is then stunned with stun sticks and black out.

Magistrate Michael McGregor chastises the team for disrupting the peace of the city and order them to be thrown in jail for five days and fined $5,000 C-Bills each.
The judge is old and possibly senile. He repeats the word “outrageous!” a lot. He shuffles a lot of papers ad files around on his desk seemingly confused. He then picks up a file and reads the charges against the Team “So here are the charges against you; Impersonating an officer, resisting arrest, fraud, reckless driving and lying to the sheriff! OUTRAGEOUS!” It may be entirely possible that the docket he is reading is for some other case.
“You Ought To Be Ashamed Of Yourself!" "On your BEST day you’re not as smart as I am on my worst day. If you live to be a hundred you will never be as smart as me.” “I am the decider here!”
“I DO NOT TOLERATE JIBBER-JABBER IN MY COURTROOM!” “And spinach is bad. I’m not going to eat it!”

jailcell.jpgThey team has all of their equipment taken from them. Looking around the jail cell they do not see any way to escape. The locks and the cell are very well made and maintained. After a few hours waiting the security guards bring in four more prisoners. These three men look very inebriated. All three also look quite big and muscular. One of them starts to cause trouble howling and screaming and banging on the bars which brings five armed security guards in. They remove the man from the cell with the Team and he begins to fight the guards, even after being stunned by a stun stick. The unruly man breaks one of the security guards arms while physically resisting the guards. It takes the other four guards to take this man down and subdue him.
After subduing him they drag him out of the jail cell and the door to the far room is closed and locked again. After a moment the three other men stand up looking suddenly very sober and move to one corner of the room. They begin eyeing the Team and pounding their fists as they look menacing at the team. The team then gets into a fist brawl with the thuggish newcomers in the jail cell.session15.jpg

vongoertz.jpgA few hours later after the jail fight an average looking older man with grey and white hair dressed in a very well kept but simple suit and wearing a panama hat enters the jail using a walking cane.
He has been given access to the jail cell where the team is locked up. He is escorted by two very big security guards holding stun sticks.
He speaks to the team with a slight German accent. “Goodness, it doesn’t look like there is room for another soul in there.” He says with a smile. “Gruss Gott, but where are my manners? Allow me to introduce myself, my name is von Goertz. I am your lawyer.”
Von Goertz then turns and asks the security guards if he can have some time with his clients. “Would it be alright gentlemen if I have some time alone with my clients?” One of the two guards asks “Are you sure sir? They were quite violent last night.” Von Goertz replies to the guards “It is quite alright corporal, I appreciate your concern for my well being. But I am their legal counsel, and an old man. I am sure they won’t harm me.” The security guard considers this for a moment and then without saying another word he motions his partner to leave the cell block with him.

PC NOTES: It is apparent that Von Goertz plays the old, harmless, slightly feeble man well. It is a convincing act that some might not see through.

Von Goertz waits patiently for the security guards to leave before speaking further. “I was told that you have not eaten since your arrest. Such lack of manners.” Von Goertz reaches in his jacket pocket and pulls out a small handkerchief. “I brought some Cheese and Crackers for you, that is if you are partial to them.” As he says this he looks over the faces of the team. Hearing this ”/characters/heinkel-wolfe" class=“wiki-content-link”>Heinkel Wolfe replies “I only eat cheese and crackers with an Antarian Red Wine.”
Von Goertz considers this reply for a moment and then speaks in a hushed tone. “As I said, you may call me Von Goertz.” He will then begin to chastise the team members some. He then shakes his head. “This is a fine mess you have started to make here. I had to talk to that silly magistrate for hours to convince him to let you go and dismiss all the charges.”
Von Goertz will then tell the team that the Schattenjagers mission on Alcor III is known to him.
“I know that you are here on a mission of some kind. I do not know what those mission orders are though nor do I care to know. I was simply notified by mutual friends of ours that you would be arriving here and asked to keep an eye on you as best I could from a discrete distance and help you if I could without blowing my own cover. I hope you can appreciate the delicate position you have put me in now having to help get you out of this jail. I am hoping my respected status here with the locals as one of them and as a lawyer that often takes up cases of disturbing the peace from time to time by off-world folk and visiting merchant ship crews that let shore leave get to them will also serve as a good cover and not raise any eyebrows for my helping you.”

When asked about Talis Kroener or his whereabouts Von Goertz thinks for a moment as if carefully weighing his answer. “Yes I met him once, collided with him would be the more appropriate description. I bumped into him purely by accident coming out of a restraint one night in the Trader’s District and he took offense at it and threatened me in the street with a large knife. It was quite unsettling I assure you, especially for a man my age. Quite a nasty man too if I recall correctly. I also know that he keeps company with some very shady men that come and go around here. I do not know who they are though.”

schrepke.jpgThe Team decides to make contact with the local military forces on the planet the and the Schattenjagers encounter Sergeant Schultz. He is an older and portly man with grey hair wearing the rank of a Sergeant. He is not very useful or helpful in answering any questions about the planet, the settlement and its goings on, etc. any questions posed to him will have him replying in various ways that he doesn’t know anything. “I know nothing!”
If asked who the commander is here he states “Oh that is Leutnant Kommandant (Lt Colonel) Wolfgang Schrepke.” He then trains off as if he had something else to say.
If asked to meet with the commanding office he will look surprised and unsure what to do. Schultz then states “Well the Colonel does not come out much, and he does not like to be disturbed. You could get me in hot water with him. He is not very pleasant when he is upset.” If pressed he will reluctantly stand up and go to the door behind him stating “if he starts to yell at me I will tell him that you made me do this and I didn’t want to!” Schultz then knocks meekly on the door and then goes in and closes it. The Team can hear talking and somewhat raised voices. Then comes back out of the room visibly looking intimidated announcing “The colonel will see you.” And goes back to his desk and chair.

Leutnant Kommandant (Lt Colonel) Wolfgang Schrepke is the ranking officer in the region. Schrepke is an older man, somewhat portly and out of shape. He stands near a window that has the blinds drawn, peeking out on of the blinds. He stands there with his duty uniform unbuttoned which makes him look dishoveled. He looks unkempt though it seems he was a skilled warrior at one point and very experienced. There are several visible scars on his hands and on the side of his neck. Entering his office, it is dark and poorly lit. It is a little unkempt and dusty. The air is stuffy and slightly musty smelling. About the room are several crumpled unkempt uniforms draped over chairs or on the floor. On the desk are many papers as well as an ash tray with a pipe on it. Next to it is a half-finished bottle of 100 proof whiskey and a plate with the remains of a half-eaten meal. He has many awards, citations and old photos that hang around the walls of his office. It seems he was with the 11th Lyran Guards at some point. He seems depressed and bitter about being on Alcor and laments being sent to this planet “I have been here for six years. If there was a place more removed from anything, this is it. I have been sent to this place like a horse sent out to pasture, to spend my last useful days forgotten and wasting away until there is nothing left that can be used.” “I am 56 years old. I have been in the military my entire life. I got commissioned as a Leutnant at 19 you know, and have been in over two dozen battles.”
If asked about what battlemechs are under his command he seems to get more depressed. “All I have here is a broken down old Crusader that can barely move and should have been sent to the scrap heap long ago, and a few piece of shit Urbanmechs. It’s nearly insulting.” If asked about Talis Kroener, Schrepke pauses as if thinking.
When coming out of the room it is obvious that Schultz has been listening at the door and seems to be a little taken off guard, attempting to look as if he was filing some files in a nearby file cabinet.

canyon1.jpgThe canyon bed runs east-west and is an ancient dried river bed about 200-300 meters wide in various places. Small rocks and sand cover it now. It is hot and dry with little wind. The canyon opens onto an arid plain covered by the short dry grasses and scrub bushes that cover the area. The canyon walls are made of dense hard rock. The canyon has been created by some water erosion from the planets past. The team may surmise that the plain the settle is on was perhaps once an ancient lake or seabed and the now present canyon was a river path that ran into or out of the plain a long time ago in the planets past.

nice021.jpgKroener’s tunnel entrance is a simple trapdoor covered by sand to blend in with the canyon floor. Kroener has dug a hole in the ground downwards and then to the west to connect with the first level of the underground tunnel system of the base where Kroener was able to break though into Store Room A on Level 1 of the abandoned base. Kroener is unaware of the second level of the base or what is inside of the base beyond the Store Room A that he has been able to access. The team easily finds the location of Kroeners entrance to ‘the Dig.’ Using the map and compass they found in Kroener’s apartment or having been lead to the site there by Kroener himself. There are no lights or power inside the lost base and some sort of flashlight will need to be used by those investigating until they can figure out how to get the base power restored.

canyon2.jpgThere is another larger entrance nearby. The entrance has been covered up by a rockslide that has hidden the entrance way from view. Only close with close inspection can the original doorway be seen. There is a metal door covered by stones. The hidden main entrance door is about 20 meters high and 30 meters wide. There is no visible way to open the door and no visible operating mechanism for these large doors. Attempts to blast open the door with their battlemechs or explosives or weapons will only remove the stones and camouflage but not open the doors. A successful Demolitions skill die roll will reveal that these doors are designed to withstand heavy blasts and not worth the time or attention explosions might cause. This will also waste time before the ComGuard force arrives.

Pulling back the tarp and with it the sand covering the tarp, there is revealed underneath a simple wooden trap door in the ground. The ground around it has obviously been disturbed. The trap door on the ground is not locked or trapped should the team investigate. The door swings open easily and flat to the ground. There is a simple metal ladder going five meters down into the hole. It is dark looking into the hole. A flashlight or other similar light source will be needed to see inside fully. Arriving tt the foot of the ladder the ground is sand and small gravel that crunches as the team walks about the small antechamber. Inside Kroener’s hidden entrance there is an antechamber below the ground that is three meters square that has been dug out of the rock. The air inside this small room is stuffy from the heat outside and no ventilation. Inside there are two metal footlockers, one against the north wall and one against the south wall. The south footlocker contains some simple digging and mining equipment including two flashlights, two standard battery packs worth 5 C-Bills each, two pick axes, three shovels, two crowbars and Climbing Gear worth 75 C-Bills at the bottom of this crate is also a fully loaded basic auto pistol worth 50 C-Bills wrapped inside an oiled cloth. The north footlocker has a simple padlock on it and contains a Demolition Kit worth 200 C-Bills and two charges of C8 explosives worth 1,000 C-Bills each.

Store Room A
bunkerupper1.JPGThere are various old metal storage crates in this room. Most have been opened and turned over with their packing material exposed or laying on the floor. Searching through the crates the Team will find that one of the crates has a long heavy duty capacity computer cable in it. There are also some various circuit boards and electronic repair parts in another storage crate in the corner. The electronic repair parts are mostly unusable. There is also a metal barrel that is leaking some black-green substance from the bottom. The barrel is rusted and the lettering on it is unreadable. If investigated the black-green substance is sticky like tar and smells faintly of bearing grease.

Main Hallway
Starleaguelogo.jpgEntering this room it is apparent that it is some kind of hallway. It is very quiet and loud noises and even footsteps echo some. It does not appear that anyone has been here in quite some time. The hallway is four meters wide with metal walls made out of some sort of stainless steel or similar metal. Overhead along the ceiling of this hallway are rows of lamp fixtures intermixed with various pipes alongside electrical conduits, electrical boxes and power junctions. In the hallway are many metal transport crates that are stacked along the corridor walls is disarray. On top of one of the nearby metal boxes is an old coffee mug resting as if someone just left it there and walked off. There is a thick layer of dust on every surface here. An old rusted forklift is seen nearby. It appears some of these crates have been dragged on the metal floor leaving scrapes in the floor. There is evidence that water as seeped into this area in the recent past.
Investigating the crates closer and dusting them off, it is discovered that they have printed on them in faded black stencil paint ‘SLDF’. Opening the crates is difficult as they are very rusty, using some tools such as a crowbar is helpful giving the Build die roll check a -2 bonus. Inside them are mundane items such as old mostly uniforms, boots, decayed corroded power cells and ration packs. The dates stamped on the ration pacts is 2784.


Kroener has several unique items of interest for sale: A Bug Scanner Watch (4/B $1800) Ultrasonic Detector (4/B $3000) and a JAF-05 Flash Suppressor (4/C $1400) for sale.

A Bug-Scanner Watch is a smaller version of the standard Bug Scanner which has been enclosed within a fully-functional watch. While these watches can also detect the presence of any active Bugs, they can only do so to a range of ten meters and cannot pinpoint the exact location of the bug(s).

An Ultrasonic Detector is a rare handheld device. Weighing three kilograms the detector sends out a high-frequency pulse of sound which bounces off objects, then detects those echos and translate the ultrasonic vibrations into a rough visual image on the device’s small screen. The effect of this allows the user to know the approximate location of objects and people and, since the vibrations can pass through solid objects, “see” through walls. However the detector has a maximum range of just ten meters, and the image created is of very poor quality

When attached to a slug-thrower the suppressor all but eliminated muzzle flash while a sonic dampener reduced the report associated with firing the weapon. It also eliminated the chromatic burst created when firing a laser rifle, although it could not mask the weapon’s heat signature, allowing anyone with an infrared detector to still see it.



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