Special Attacks and Maneuvers

Careful Stand – Complex Action
If a Mech takes its time, it can improve its chances of standing up successfully. Rather than simply spending 2 MP, a mech can spend its entire movement phase standing up. In this case the mech is considered to have walked. If the mech had more than 2 walking MP available, the Piloting skill roll is modified by -2. There is no modified if the mech had 1 or 2 MP available.

Sprint – Complex Action
A Mech’s Sprinting MP is twice its Walking/Cruising MP. Sprinting generates 3 Heat Points per turn and may not attack during the turn it used Sprinting movement. Additional the unit may not spot for indirect fire. A sprinting mech may not move backwards or enter Water hexes of Depth 1 or deeper. Finally, and Piloting Skill Roll made for a Sprinting unit suffers a +2 modifier. Any attack made against a sprinting unit receives a -1 to-hit modifier. However the standard target movement modifier applies.

Evade – Complex Action
Evading movement enables a unit to avoid enemy attacks. A units Evading MP equals its Running/Flank MP, and any attack against an Evading unit suffers a +1 to-hit modifier, in addition to any other applicable modifiers. An Evading unit generates +2 Heat Points per turn and may not attack during the turn it used Evading movement. To use Evading movement a unit must have two working hip actuators. A prone unit receives no benefit from Evading movement, even if it started the Movement Phase using Evading movement.

Careful Aim – Complex Action
A Mech may take Careful Aim at a target mech or vehicle. In order to initiate careful aim the attacker must have LOS to the target. While aiming an attacker may not move, jump or loose LOS to the target. Each turn aiming gives a +1 bonus to the to-hit roll. Maximum bonus is +3. If an attacking mech taking Careful Aim falls, it loses any bonus from careful aim.

Rapid Fire Machine Guns
Each time the weapon is rapid-fired, roll 1d6 to determine the heat generated. This number also becomes the damage inflicted by the weapon if it hits. (it is possible for a burst to inflict 1 point of damage). Each rapid-fire burst uses a number of rounds equal to the damage it inflicted X 3.
After making a to-hit roll with a result of a natural 2, roll 2D6. On a result of 10+ the weapon jams and cannot be fired again in this battle. On a roll of 12, the new round of ammunition will explode in the weapon for normal damage.
Rapid-fire machine guns do not inflict additional damage on infantry. For attacks against infantry made in rapid-fire mode, use the standard rules for resolving shots against unarmored infantry including those for ammunition expenditure and heat.

source: Maximum Tech, Revised Edition

Special Attacks and Maneuvers