Razors Edge

jumpship2.jpgThe LNS Razor’s Edge is an Invader Class Jumpship of the Lyran Commonwealth Navy. This ship has been assigned recently to help the Schattenjagers in their missions.

The Razor’s Edge is painted in a cold grey-white color which makes her look sleek and strangely foreboding. Her solar collectors have a dark tint to them.

Though old, this ship is in excellent condition. More importantly, she is able to recharge her K-F drive very quickly; in about 72 hours. She is also equipped with two advanced fast-charge poly lithium-ion batteries for recharging and re-jumping the K-F drive on board the ship. In addition, she is also proven to be able to jump reliably past the red line; about 40 light years, though she has gone as far as 50 light years on occasion according to her crew.

vlcsnap_2014_04_11_21h59m58s77.pngThe master and commander of the Razor’s Edge is Captain Niles Harkon. Captain Harkon is about 30 and wears very stylish glasses and equally stylish dark hair. His demeanor is proper, to the point and all business – but with a smile. Like many Lyran naval officers he wears a smart looking blue naval uniform.
The Executive Officer of the ship is Lt. Mitch Herschel who is also very professional but also extremely young. He is energetic and seems to be very eager to please the captain and also very loyal to him.
The ship has a crew of 25 personnel and is about 100 years old. She was captured by the Lyran Navy from the Draconis Combine during the Third Succession War. She was captured in Lyran space during the war empty and without a crew but fully intact. It is suspected she may have misjumped, though no one knows for sure.

PC NOTES: Accounting for an estimated 46% of all registered JumpShips in the Inner Sphere (as of 3045), the popular, cost-efficient and widespread Invader class is the archetypical JumpShip. Despite its martial name, it is a civilian design and ill-suited for combat. It does, however, possess sophisticated communications gear and can maintain radio and laser-link feeds with up to ten transmitting stations, making it an ideal vessel to coordinate a task force. 51% of all Invaders are operated by the militaries of the Inner Sphere, 32% are owned by giant corporations and the remaining 17% are owned by Mercenary units or private citizens. The Invader’s most distinctive design feature is a pair of hydroponic garden domes. They produce food and oxygen for the crew, even a small surplus for trade with docking DropShips. Although fully automated, system failures mean that the gardens have to be maintained manually by the crew on every third ship. Many older ships also have a design flaw that could cause the hydroponics booms to lock in the extended position, preventing the vessel from jumping; this flaw was largely rectified following the Fourth Succession War and old ships were refitted accordingly. The original design of the Invader was not armed, but carried two special anti-meteor long range lasers. Maintenance problems saw these replaced with a pair of Large Lasers or PPCs, but even these can barely match the firepower of a single Aerospace Fighter. This, and the thin armor, has led to Invaders being regarded as non-combatants, like all JumpShips in the age of LosTech. The Invader can carry between 522 and 526 tons of cargo in the cargo section, depending on the weapon configuration. It also has two hangar bays for Small Craft. The mass of the Invader is 152,000 tons.

Razors Edge