Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces

The Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces (abbreviated LCAF) consists of several branches, including ground forces and naval forces. The political leader of the Lyran Commonwealth – the Archon – is the most senior military commander.

During the Third and Fourth Succession Wars, the Lyran Commonwealth was divided into four military districts and nine theaters, nine of which lie along borders with the Draconis Combine and the Free Worlds League. Citizens of the Lyran Commonwealth can join the military at the age of sixteen at any of the numerous recruiting centers within the Commonwealth.

LCAF – Command Structure
From the formation of the LCAF in the twenty-fourth century through the Fourth Succession War, the LCAF was divided into sixteen separate departments. Each of those departments was responsible for a specific area of military operations.

Military Education
This department is responsible for not only initial training (boot camps), but also for more advanced training opportunities. Recruits undergo a four month boot camp that provides a strong basis in general military concepts and weapons. Following boot camp, the recruits undergo an additional six months of advanced training in their specialty which may include ’Mech maintenance, armored vehicle operation, artillery, and combat engineering.

Replacement Depot Corps
This department is responsible for personnel replacement duties within the LCAF. Each theater maintains at least four “Rep-Dep” Corps units, each with their own fleet of transport vehicles. The job of the Rep-Dep Corps is to ensure that units remain at full strength.

Judge Advocate General
The Judge Advocate General (or JAG) department is responsible for administering fair and objective laws for military personnel. In general, they provide counsel to soldiers should a military tribunal be required for some breach of conduct or local laws.

It is also responsible for administration of planets recently captured from enemy houses or those that are deemed dangerous. In such cases, the JAG will appoint a Military Governor to govern the world. The governor will attempt to foster an atmosphere that will win the cooperation of the local population.

Quartermaster Corps
This department is responsible for acquiring and distributing supplies and materiel to units throughout the Commonwealth. They define LCAF materiel needs, publish and grant contracts, coordinate acceptance testing for new systems, accept supply shipments, and transfer supplies to units (both house and mercenary).

Transport Division
This department assures that soldiers, units, and materiel arrive where and when needed. This department controls the majority of freighters and non-combat Jumpships in the LCAF.

Military Intelligence
This department is responsible for acquiring and analyzing information about enemy troop dispositions and plans. Several intelligence headquarters exist, with the Free Worlds League center located on Bolan, the Draconis Combine one located on Pandora, and the Periphery located on Virtue. The largest center is located within Asgard on Tharkad.

Strategies and Tactics Division
This department is the think-tank for the LCAF and uses super-computers to formulate and test plans. This unit has proven itself quite effective and has been able to accurately determine the enemy’s plans.

Commonwealth Navy
This department consists of all of the Jumpships and Dropships used to move men and materiel. Within this department are several sub-departments responsible for supplying and maintaining the fleet.

Commonwealth Aerospace Force
Includes the pilots and technicians for the vast variety of Aerospace Fighters within the LCAF. It is divided into three groups:

Planetary Command – directs operations on planetary or system defense duty
Escort Command – directs operations supporting convoys
Wings of Combat Command – directs offensive operations only
Reserve Corps[edit]
This department is responsible for maintaining the military equipment, manpower, training, and supplies held back from active duty. The equipment is usually out-dated, but is still in good condition. Units normally consist of either retired active duty personnel or part-time soldiers. The Reserve Corps is primarily a last-line of defense.

House Troops Liaison
This department coordinates the administration and upkeep of the private military forces of the various noble families. While the law states that all private forces are independent of the LCAF, the Archon has traditionally maintained a tight control over all troops within the realm. This department helps foster the illusion of independence of the house troops.

Mercenary Troops Liaison
This department has the responsibility of coordinating the mercenary units hired by the house. It acts as the paymaster for the units and, if the contract calls for it, provides supplies and materiel. The officers of this department tries to ensure that mercenary units are treated with the same respect as the regular army troops. The department consists of many diplomats and negotiators who work to improve the Commonwealth’s relationships with the units it employs.

Commonwealth Army
This is the main component of the combat-ready forces within the Commonwealth. It is broken down into seven branches:

BattleMech Corps – consists of BattleMech forces
Armored Corps – consists of all other combat vehicles, including tanks, hover, and wheeled vehicles
Infantry Corps – consists of Jump Troops, Mechanized Infantry, and Special Forces units
Artillery Corps – controls the Long Tom and Sniper artillery
Combat Engineer Corps – responsible for construction and destruction duties
Supply Service – integrates with the Quartermaster Corps to ensure proper delivery of munitions and materiel to units
Transportation Service – provide assistance to the Supply Service to transport goods and personnel

Commonwealth Medical Corps
This department is responsible for ensuring that soldiers receive proper care when wounded on the field, within a field hospital, and at a main hospital center. Because the LCAF is one of the few remaining military forces that still respects the Geneva Conventions, its officers are prevented from interfering with medical treatment for enemy soldiers or forcing a doctor or nurse to do something against their medical judgment.

Administrative Section
This department is responsible for tracking everything that happens within the LCAF to every soldier, every piece of equipment, every munition, and every supply. Given the Herculean task of tracking all of this data, the department has occasionally “forgotten” about huge supply depots. It has also been marred by corruption by unscrupulous officials seeking to line their pockets at the Commonwealth’s expense.

High Command
The Archon of the Commonwealth leads the High Command. Each of the departments is represented in High Command meetings by a general, as are each of the nine military theatres and four military districts. The High Command contributes ideas and discussion, but all decisions and responsibility for the Commonwealth lie with its ruler, the Archon.

Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces