House Rules

These House Rules Modify the Standard Rules.

Head Hits
While a PC pilot is in his battlemech, he is considered to have the ‘Toughness’ Advantage.
Toughness: The PC has a exceptional resistance to physical abuse. He makes Consciousness Rolls (in Mech combat) with 3d6, using the best two.

NPC and enemy Mech Pilots in battlemechs must make Consciousness checks as do PC characters do to avoid passing out.
This is to correct that it is easier for Enemy mechs to make their Consciousness checks than it is for PC characters.

Ammo and Weapon Jams
Mechs with Ammo Fed Weapons may carry a mix of appropriate ammo types. The type of ammo loaded may be changed with a simple action.
Example: if a weapon type can carry Regular or Inferno rounds, you may change the type of round if you have loaded the mech weapon with those rounds.

Ammo Fed Weapons may Jam in Combat. After making a to-hit roll with a result of a natural 2, roll 2D6. On a result of 11+ the weapon jams and cannot be fired again in this battle.

In order to add a new item or redesign a mech, a successful roll of Technician/BattleMech and Engineering must be made. Make a Natural roll of 2D6.
2 Critical Failure. 1-3 No Progress, -2 to next attempt. 4-6 Roll on Critical Failure Table
3-5 No Progress, -1 to next attempt.
6-7 No Progress.
8-9 Success – 2x cost.
10-11 Success – Normal Cost.
12 Critical Success. 1-3 80% of Normal Cost, +1 to next attempt. 4-6. Roll on Critical Success Table

Very Easy +2 (modify a mech into another exiting Variant)
Easy +1 (Add armor plates)
Average +0 (Most Actions, Replace Hand Actuator)
Hard -1 (Add most LostTech Items, Repair Mech Internal Structure)
Very Hard -2 (Replace Internal Structure with Endosteel, Replace Engine with XL Engine)
Impossible -10 (Put a Wasp Cockpit on an Atlas)

Critical Failure Table
1-2 Item is Damaged Beyond Repair and becomes useless.
3-4 Mech is Damaged. Loose one item slot on Mech.
5-6 Mech gains a Negative Quirk.

Critical Success Table
1-2 Gain +1 to next die roll of Technician/BattleMech and Engineering for same item Type.
3-4 Item Takes One less slot in Mech to Fit. (Net 1)
5-6 Item gains Positive Trait.

House Rules