Gerald Ringer

ringer2.jpg Private Gerald Ringer is a mechwarrior pilot assigned to the 1st Lance of the Schattenjägers.
He is a fair pilot in his Commando mech but outside of it is where he produces the real explosions as he is one of the Lyran Armed Forces’ most accomplished experts in demolitions.

Gerald Ringer is an NPC

BLD: 4 REF: 5 INT: 6 LRN: 4 CHA: 3
ATH: 8 PHY: 7 MEN: 8 SOC: 9

Acrobatics: 7
Blade: 6
Climbing: 7
Computer: 6
Demolitions: 4
Gunnery/Mech: 4
MedTech: 7
Perception: 6
Pilot/Mech: 5
Security Systems: 6
Scrounge: 8
Sensors: 6
Small Arms: 4
Stealth: 5
Streetwise: 8
Support Weapons: 5
Technician/Electronic: 6
Technician/Weapons: 6
Tinker: 6
Unarmed: 6

Natural Aptitude – Demolitions

Ablative/Flak Helmet
Ablative/Flack Jacket
Ablative/Flack Pants
Medkit x2
A/F Patches x10
Deluxe Field Kit
Basic Field Communicator
Demolition Kit
C8 Blasting Blasting Block x4
Sternschanct Pistol
Zeus Heavy Rifle
MaxiGrenade x4

Gerald Ringer