Eric Beck

beck1.jpgFirst Leutnant Eric Beck is the epitome of the typical ‘social’ Lyran officer that the Archon has been trying to slowly purge from the ranks of the LCAF.

Coming from privilege he is aloof and uninterested in real military work. He holds a command only because of political and social connections. It is immediately noticed that Beck is a bit lazy and more interested in comfort, looking good and drinking his fancy teas.
Beck is rarely seen and has Sgt. Clumley do all the real work and make most of the decisions. He is however very good at brown-nosing and sucking up to his superiors.

Beck pilots a standard 55 ton GRF-1N Griffin medium battlemech. From the immaculate condition this mech is in, it might be possible this battlemech has never seen any actual real combat.

Lt. Beck is from the planet Carlisle in the Alarion Province and is somehow connected with high up persons in Bowie Industries, one of the two heavy industries on this planet.

Killed in action on Dalkeith VI on May 5, 3049 when his mech was destroyed.

Eric Beck is an NPC

Eric Beck