Aaron Lawson

lawson.jpg Aaron Lawson joined the Schattenjagers after the mission on Solaris VII. Lawson trained as a pilot in the Solaris mech games before joining the team.
After meeting the Schattenjagers on Solaris VII and seeing how they fought with honor he decided to accept their offer to join.

Lawson pilots a standard Marauder Heavy Battlemech.

Aaron Lawson is an NPC

BLD: 4 REF: 6 INT: 6 LRN: 4 CHA: 4
ATH: 8 PHY: 6 MEN: 8 SOC: 8

Appraisal: 8
Computer: 8
CS: Arena Pilot 8
Drive/Vehicle: 5
Gambling: 8
Gunnery/Mech: 3
MedTech: 8
Negotiation: 8
Perception: 7
Pilot/Mech: 5
Scrounge: 8
Sensors: 8
Small Arms: 5
Streetwise: 7
Tactics: 8
Technician/Mech: 8
Unarmed: 6

Advantage: Extra Edge

Ablative/Flak Helmet
Ablative/Flack Vest
Medkit x1
A/F Patches x5
Deluxe Field Kit
Basic Field Communicator
Standard Laser Pistol

Aaron Lawson