Third Session
The Abduction

The new members of the Schattenjagers spend some time outfitting themselves with new weapons, gear and equipment. Herman Klinger offers his assistance in helping the new members acquire some more advanced and difficult to come by items though his various contacts. Several of the team members ask Klinger to help them find items of interest to them, which Klinger happily obliges, for a small fee.
A few days later Hauptman Maximillion Stryker summons the team to his office where he briefs the team on their first mission for the Lyran Commonwealth. thirdsessionmap.pngThe Third Lance supported by elements of the Second Lance are to journey to the planet Galatea in search of information on the abduction of Adolphus Brewer, the heir to the Duke of Hesperus II. Adolphus was abducted from his home planet by unknown agents and a ransom was demanded. The ransom was paid but the kidnappers kept the money and the hostage was not returned. As Hesperus II is one of the most important planets for the Lyran Commonwealth and the Duke of Hesperus II wields great power and influence, the Schattenjagers as assigned to find the Duke’s son. During the briefing they are also informed that Lyran Intelligence has intercepted information that a local smuggler named Digus O’Shea may have information regarding the abduction. Having been given their assignment, the team loads their battlemechs, supplies and equipment on board their dropship which has been disguised as a standard merchant dropship, and breaks orbit from their base to rendezvous with a waiting jumpship at the nadir point which then takes the team to Galatea. After several days travel the team arrives quietly on the surface of Galatea and makes their way to the heavily urbanized planetary capital city. In order to secure the safety of their dropship and supplies as well as their battlemechs, Hans Krieger is assigned to stay and keep watch over and protect the dropship and the battlemechs inside.

Dressed casually as merchants and traders, the team goes to the location given to them of Dingus O’Shea. They arrive at the reported office of Dingus O’Shea to find the office and living quarters attached to it have been thoroughly ransacked recently. The team draws their weapons and slowly enters the office fanning out to search the adjoining living quarters. Dingus O’Shea is nowhere to be found and it is apparent from the condition of the rooms that someone was searching for something. The team shift through the clutter lying about looking for any sort of clues. endofline.pngThey find a computer and terminal amid the mess that has been bashed to pieces. Aebon Tesavir looks over the computer and quickly determines that the computer is beyond any hope of salvage or repair. On the desk amid the clutter are several matchbooks and cards for a restaurant named Don Luigi’s along with a datebook with that name written into it. The team takes note of this location as a possible lead to finding where Dingus O’Shea may be located. Looking around the quarters further, the team locates a hidden door that opens to a small panic room. Inside the room is another smaller computer that serves as a back up to the main one in the outside office. This computer is operational though the data is encrypted with an advanced encryption protocol. Aebon Tesavir is unable to break the code and access the computer so the team takes the computer with them and leaves the ransacked office to further look for Dingus O’Shea.

galateamafia.pngThe Team goes inside to visit Don Luigi’s , a local mafia restaurant, nightclub and known criminal hangout near downtown. The team splits into two groups. Lt. Wilhelm von Schulemburg and Sgt. Basil L Clumley go inside posing as ordinary diners at the restraunt and sit down at a table near the kitchen door. A short time later Heinkel Wolfe and Hans Krieger enter one at a time and proceed to also get a table near the musical entertainment. Meanwhile, Aebon Tesavir goes through more details about the layout of the building and locates where the master power grid for the building is located. The technician offers to wait near the control box to shut down the power in the restruant if needed. Meanwhile those inside notice there is some sort of commotion coming from the kitchen area. After a few moments two big men dressed in nice clothing come out of the kitchen. This gets the attention of the team.
Being somewhat of a ladies man, Heinkel Wolfe flags down one of the many waitresses in the restaurant and using his personal charm, asks her what all the commotion from the back and kitchen area was. She whispers softly that the mafia has someone being held in the meat locker of the restraint. He gives her a generous cash tip which makes her smile.

freezer.jpegNegotiating with the mafia members they are able to get access to the the captive being held in the freezer.
After negotiations with the mafia members, it is agreed that the two men can speak to the mafia’s captive but the mafia enforcers will be present during the questioning to keep an eye on things.

Entering the freezer they see Dingus O’Shea is tied up and cold. Dingus O’Shea is tied up in a chair. It is apparent that he uses a cybernetic prosthetic eye but this eye has been removed, possibly forcefully. The bruises and blood on his face also show that he has been beaten quite recently by the mafia already. Lt. Wilhelm von Schulemburg interrogates Dingus O’Shea while Sgt. Basil L Clumley intimidates the prisoner and coerces him to talk. The two men ask Dingus where Apolphus Brewer is located and he denies any knowledge of his whereabouts repeatedly. They then turn to the computer that is encrypted, asking him how to access the files on the computer in his office to which he replies that you need his cyber eye to bypass the security protocols and access the information. Dingus tells the two men that he he owed money to a man known as ‘Big Katze’ and that he had given his cyber eye as collateral to ‘Big Katze’. When Dingus’ big payoff didn’t arrive as he expected ‘Big Katze’ took the rifle from Dingus as well.

cybereye.jpgBoth Sgt. Basil L Clumley and Lt. Wilhelm von Schulemburg begin to ask the captive man many questions about his involvement in the kidnapping of Adolphus Brewer. Sensing that Dingus is not telling them everything and that he will be killed soon by the mafia, Sgt. Basil L Clumley makes a split second decision and decides that they need to take Dingus O’Shea into their own custody and get out him out of the restaurant quickly. Clumley quickly pulls out his pistol and shoots one of the unsuspecting mafia members in the side head at point blank range blowing his head and brains all over the wall to the surprise of Lt. Wilhelm von Schulemburg. The other team members as well as other mafia members hear this gunshot go off and rush to the back restaurant as the many restaurant patrons rush to leave out the front in a panic.

A gunfight erupts between the team and the mafia members.

Searching though local new outlets the team learns that ‘Big Katze’ was a big mafia crime boss that was killed in the streets two days ago. The team is able to access a copy of the local corner’s report which details that Big Katze was killed with precision blade weapon attacks to his body. Based on this it seems unlikely that Dingus O’Shea killed ‘Big Katze’ by himself. ateamvan.jpgThe team also learns from the news outlets of the location of a gambling establishment named_ Jezebel_ that ‘Big Katze’ was known to frequent. The team decides to travel acfross town to the gambling den to see if they can find any information on the location of the rifle or the cyber eye belonging to Dingus O’Shea. Finding the location of the gambling den, Lt. Wilhelm von Schulemburg and Aebon Tesavir wait outside the building in an unmarked van keeping watch while Sgt. Basil L Clumley, Jack Deshane and Heinkel Wolfe go inside. The three men are not allowed in without giving up their weapons and letting themselves be thoroughly searched however Jack Deshane is able to hide a small hold out pistol on himself that goes undetected in the pat down at the door. Walking inside a small flight of steps goes down several feet from the street entrance leading to the inside of the gambling establishment. Inside both men see it is a typical gambling den that can be found on many other worlds, an establishment familiar to both of them.
gamblerden.jpgIn the corner are three men playing cards. On the table in front of them is a Zeus heavy rifle and a distinctive cyber eye along with several thousands in C-Bills and L-Bills. Seeing the bounty on the table and that there are a few empty chairs the three men ask if they can join the gambling game in progress. Though obviously tired from playing cards for a long period of time nonstop, the three gamblers see fresh blood and eagerly welcome the new players to their game. While playing Heinkel Wolfe realizes that one of the players is cheating, and skillfully cheats the cheater, winning the cyber eye and the Zeus heavy rifle in the pot.

kuritaninja.jpgInside the gambling establishment the team is attacked suddenly by ninja assassins that are after the cyber eye as well. Three come through the ceiling lights while a female ninja bursts out of the woman’s bathroom. A fight breaks out between the ninjas and the team. Jack Deshane retrieves his hidden hold out gun while Heinkel Wolfe drops to the floor and moves on the low towards the far wall to retrieve his weapons that were taken from him at the door from behind the establishment’s bar area. It becomes apparent that the ninjas are there trying to take possession or destroy both the cyber eye and the rifle. The team captures and subdues the last remaining ninja intending to hold him for questioning, but the ninja activates a suicide bomb in his head that goes off killing him instantly. Searching the bodies, the team learns the ninjas may be from the Draconis Combine as each of the dead ninjas has distinctive tattoos on them.


Second Session
Simulator Battle II - Capture the Flag!

stflag.gifTwo new members arrive on base and are assigned to the Second Lance of the Schattenjagers: Heinkel Wolfe and Hans Krieger. The group goes back to the combat simulators in a team verses team game of capture the flag to hone their combat skills: Second Lance against Third Lance.

First Session
Simulator Battle I

The team assembles and is assigned to the new Schattenjagers Company. They meet the commanding officer of the company, Hauptman Maximillion Stryker. After telling the new members what he expects of them and how he runs his unit, he decides that in order to best ascertain the new reinforcments’ abilities as mech pilots and to see how well they work as a group, the members of 3rd Lance are to square off in the combat simulators against members of the 1st Lance let by Lt Viola Springer.



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