Hiro Tahiro

Kurita Expatriate and Hatchetman Pilot


Build: 4
Intuition: 6
Learn: 5
Social: 4

Athletic: 9
Physical: 7
Mental: 7
Social: 8

Acrobatics: 1 (8+)
Blade (Vibroblades): 4 (5+)
Bureaucracy (Commercial): 2 (6+)
Communications: 2 (5+)
Computer: 1 (6+)
Cryptography: 1 (6+)
Escape Artist: 1 (6+)
Gunnery/Mech: 4 (3+)
Jump Pack: 1 (8+)
Language/Arabic: 1 (6+)
Language/German: 2 (5+)
Language/Hebrew 1 (6+)
Language/Hindi: 1 (6+)
Language/Italian: 2 (5+)
Language/Japanese: 2 (5+)
Language/Mandarin Chinese: 2 (5+)
Language/Swedenese: 2 (5+)
Medtech: 1 (6+)
Navigation: 2 (5+)
Perception: 1 (6+)
Piloting/Mech: 4 (3+)
Piloting/Spacecraft: 2 (5+)
Protocol: 3 (5+)
Small Arms: 1 (6+)
Stealth: 1 (6+)
Streetwise: 1 (7+)
Unarmed Combat: 1 (8+)


Flak Vest
Plate Helmet (Samurai-style)
Dart Gun (2d6-4 vs. Build) with 2 reloads
Vibrokatana (2d6+5)
Personal Communicator
Basic Field Communications Kit
Basic Toolkit
Noteputer (w deluxe language suite)
High-capacity Satchel Battery
Deluxe Field Kit
2 Medkits
Jump Pack with 1 refill
125 C-bills


Hiro is an expatriate from the Draconis Combine. He is the eldest son of Duke Ishi Tahiro who is the President/CEO of the mega-corporation, Matabushi Incorporated. From birth, Hiro was groomed in a very rigid lifestyle to follow in his father’s footsteps. He attended Luthien University (his father’s alma mater) with studies in business administration because that is what was expected of him. In addition to his other studies, Hiro was forced to spend extensive time training in the arts of war with his strict uncle, Colonel Tazawa Tahiro. While not officially enlisted, he spent countless hours drilling with BattleMechs with his uncle, younger brother Kwan, and occasionally his father in the underground tunnels at the Albiero Military Academy. His father must have told him a thousand times, “No man recognizes leadership without the challenge of combat. In the old times the sword was all that a man needed to defend his honor, but today that weapon is the BattleMech.”

While he put up a brave face, Hiro chaffed under the harsh lifestyle imposed on him by both his father and the Kurita doctrine and secretly longed to escape. At the university, he got his first real exposure to cultures beyond his own and instantly fell in love with the versatility that the universe had to offer. While Hiro did average at his business studies, he excelled at his education in communication – especially linguistics. Shortly after graduation and assuming his new role with his father’s company, Hiro used some of the company resources and his contacts from some of his more rebellious school friends to disappear. He created a new identity and got a job as a co-pilot aboard a Hanseatic League merchant trading vessel. He lived his dream of getting to explore the universe for about six months before assassins hired by his father (who was furious at the slight to his family’s honor) found him and tried to have him discreetly killed. If not for the intervention of the Schattenjagers they would have succeeded. Realizing the lengths that his father will go to have him killed and having nowhere else to turn, Hiro has agreed to join the Schattenjagers (figuring even the long arm of his father’s vengeance will have a difficult time trying to reach him inside of a crack Lyran military unit). The Lyrans in turn are intrigued enough by Hiro’s background and skill-set that they are willing to take a chance on recruiting him although they are keeping him under very close scrutiny.

Hiro is a rookie in the truest sense of the word. Although extensively trained, he has never seen actual combat in a Mech or otherwise. He is uncomfortable with shots and explosions and prefers quieter weapons like dart guns, lasers, and physical weapons. Likewise, while he has read extensively about the galaxy and its customs, he has actually visited or experienced little of it. Hiro is unfailingly polite and definitely more of a follower than a leader at this point in his career. He is excited at any opportunity to visit someplace new to him. The next best thing for him is to listen to someone tell a story about someplace that he has never been. At some point after his debt to the Schattenjagers has been repaid and the situation with his father has been resolved, his dream is to buy his own starship and explore the galaxy.

“By the Five Pillars!”
“At least if we die here it is someplace new”

Hiro Tahiro