Heinkel Wolfe

Phoenix Hawk Pilot and Good Natured Scoundrel


Private Heinkel Wolfe
Age: 24 (born 3022)
Homeworld: New Avalon
Battlemech: Phoenix Hawk PXH-1 “Das Boot

Build: 3
Reflexes: 5
Intuition: 6
Learn: 5
Charisma: 5

Athletic: 10
Physical: 7
Mental: 7
Social: 7

Piloting/Mech: 4
Gunnery/Mech: 4
Negotiation: 4
Appraisal: 6
Gambling: 6
MedTech: 6
Perception: 5
Scrounging: 6
Security Systems: 6
Seduction: 6
Small Arms: 5
Streetwise: 6
Blade: 9

Well-Endowed (also has nice equipment)


3025phawk1.jpgHeinkel had always lived a charmed life. Raised by his beloved older sister Irmina, he excelled at his schoolwork and effortlessly charmed his classmates and teachers. When he finished his schooling and Irmina told him she was enlisting in mech candidate school, Heinkel decided he would set out on his own as well.

Willing to learn anything from anybody, Heinkel quickly discovered that there was much more challenge, fun, and profit to be found by engaging in some of the more questionable activities available. Equally willing to flash his smile or the rare laser pistol he won in a gambling match, Heinkel is always looking for the easiest, most enjoyable path forward. After gambling, conning, and sleeping his way across most of the sector, he has friends and “business” partners scattered throughout known space.

In 3043, Heinkel received horrifying news. His sister was listed as MIA after a skirmish with Draconis forces. Her mech was missing, and no other traces of her were found on the battlefield. He immediately rushed to the border where he spent the next two years employing every method and calling in every favor that he could in his frantic search for Irmina. After exhausting most of his resources and all of his leads, Heinkel decided there was one last hope to dig up information.

Heinkel joined House Steiner’s mech forces in the hopes that he could eventually gain access to the military reports from both sides of the conflict and search for more clues. Whether sneaking a peek at a superior’s files, or riffling the pockets of a dead Draconus officer, he always keeps his eyes and ears open. If that happens to lead to some extra profitable opportunities, then so much the better.

Heinkel Wolfe