Hans Krieger

Crack Hotshot Phoneix Hawk LAM Pilot



Hans Kreiger
Age: 24
Battlemech: Jenner

Build: 4
Reflexes: 5
Intuition: 6
Learn: 5
Charisma: 4

Athletic: 9
Physical: 7
Mental: 7
Social: 8

Piloting/Mech: 3
Gunnery/Mech: 4
MedTech: 6
Small Arms: 5
Security Systems: 5
Demolitions: 5
Stealth: 6
Escape Artist: 6
Computer: 6
Cryptology: 6
Perception: 6

Natural Aptitude – Pilot/Mech


Hans Krieger is the best around (and nothing is ever going to keep him down), just ask anyone.. well, Hans prefers if you ask him first. Hans wasn’t raised in a life of privilege, but his quick wit and natural ability propelled him through school in his early life. In fact, Hans was able to effectively overcome his station and enroll in a University. Some people might say that the fact that Hans has aced every class he has ever taken, has shown a natural aptitude for mech piloting and has had people telling him about his awesomeness his whole life that his ego doesn’t fit into most hangars… Hans would say, “The proof is in the pudding- or custard if that’s your thing.”
Upon graduation at the university Hans was certain that the future was about to be so bright he would have to start wearing sunglasses all the time- especially at night. Oh and only Ray Ban aviators, just so we’re clear… So when he was approached by a colonel (or maybe it was a colonel’s aide..? Who cares? It was someone important!) about a special assignment- an assignment that he was perfect for- how could he say no?
It was finally time for the world to see what Hans Kreiger could really do! Surely they would want one of their best (probably THE best…) pilots inside one of their new prototypes- maybe a mini Warhammer? The speed of a light mech with the power and armor of a Warhammer! (That’s possible, right?)
The mission was to learn to pilot a captured Jenner, one of the enemies more popular tin can mechs, to better learn the capabilities of the mech, use their own firepower against them, and because its cheaper than building a brand new mech… Surely this was a mistake. (Did the mission brief say the mech was expendable? That’s a typo right?) Hans is surely too valuable an asset to waste on piloting some armless tin can mech! They were serious, and don’t call them Shirley.

As it turns out, questioning orders after you’ve accepted a mission is a bad thing (even if it’s just a colonel’s aide…). Hans might be stuck piloting the enemy’s mech for now (for a while… screw that damn secretary), but big things are coming… Just you wait!

Hans Krieger